JavaScript & jQuery

Chapter 9: APIs

* Please note: some of these examples will only work on a web server
(they will not run on a desktop or laptop unless you are running them through a web server).

You can try all code on the book website
1 * Finding a Location geolocation.html geolocation.js
2 Local Storage local-storage.html local-storage.js
3 Session Storage session-storage.html session-storage.js
4 * Working with History history.html history.js
5 jQuery UI Accordion jqui-accordion.html
6 jQuery UI Tabs jqui-tabs.html
7 jQuery UI Form jqui-form.html form-init.js
8 Using Angular angular-introduction.html
9 Angular Controller angular-controller.html angular-controller.js
10 * Angular with External Data angular-external-data.html angular-external-data.js
11 A Basic Google Map google-map.html google-map.js
12 Google Map with Custom Controls google-map-controls.html google-map-controls.js
13 Styling a Google Map google-map-styled.html google-map-styled.js