JavaScript & jQuery

Chapter 8: Ajax & JSON

* Please note: some of these examples will only work on a web server
(they will not run on a desktop or laptop unless you are running them through a web server).

You can try all code on the book website
1 * Loading HTML data-html.html data-html.js
2 * Loading XML data-xml.html data-xml.js
3 * Loading JSON data-json.html data-json.js
4 JSONP data-jsonp.html data-jsonp.js
5 ** jQuery .load() jq-load.html jq-load.js
6 *** jQuery $.get() jq-get.html jq-get.js
7 *** jQuery $.post() jq-post.html jq-post.js
8 ** jQuery $.getJSON() jq-getjson.html jq-getjson.js
9 ** jQuery $.ajax() jq-ajax.html jq-ajax.js
10 ** Example example.html example.js
*If running locally, comment out checks for the server status
**Needs to be run on a web server
***requires PHP files supplied with download, which require a server
You can try all code on the book website