JavaScript & jQuery

Chapter 3: Functions, Methods & Objects

1 A Basic Function basic-function.html basic-function.js
2 Creating and Accessing Objects Using a Literal object-literal.html object-literal.js
3 A Second Object Created Using a Literal object-literal2.html object-literal2.js
4 Creating and Accessing Objects Using a Constructor object-constructor.html object-constructor.js
5 Creating and Accessing Multiple Objects multiple-objects.html multiple-objects.js
6 Adding and removing properties adding-and-removing-properties.html adding-and-removing-properties.js
7 Using the Browser Object Model window-object.html window-object.js
8 Document Object document-object.html document-object.js
9 Working With Strings string-object.html string-object.js
10 Working With Decimal Number & Math Objects number-object.html number-object.js
11 Math Object to Create Random Numbers math-object.html math-object.js
12 Creating a Date Object date-object.html date-object.js
13 Working With Dates & Times date-object-difference.html date-object-difference.js
14 Example example.html example.js