JavaScript & jQuery

Chapter 2: Basic JavaScript Instructions

1 Using A Variable To Store A Number numeric-variable.html numeric-variable.js
2 Using a Variable to Store a String string-variable.html string-variable.js
3 Using Quotes Inside a String string-with-quotes.html string-with-quotes.js
4 Using a Variable to Store a Boolean boolean-variable.html boolean-variable.js
5 Shorthand for Creating Variables shorthand-variable.html shorthand-variable.js
6 Changing the Value of a Variable update-variable.html update-variable.js
7 Creating an Array (i) array-literal.html array-literal.js
8 Creating an Array (ii) array-constructor.html array-constructor.js
9 Accessing & Changing Values in an Array update-array.html update-array.js
10 Using Arithmetic Operators arithmetic-operator.html arithmetic-operator.js
11 Using String Operators string-operator.html string-operator.js
12 Example example.html example.js